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8 shows in Chennai, 3 in Madurai, 4 in Coimbatore and 3 again in PSG Coimbatore...all house full

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Ponniyin Selvan on Chennai stage

Ponniyin Selvan to come alive on stage in Madurai

Ponniyin Selvan to come alive on stage in Madurai

Ponniyin Selvan to come alive on stage in Madurai

Team work at it's best

Ponniyin Selvan adds a dash of history to stage

For the love of theatre

A soaring success

Rising star

Ponniyin Selvan: A few glitches, but spectacular indeed

History, romance stage a comeback

Setting the stage for a dramatic performance

Chennai renews it's romance with Ponniyin Selvan

A Tamil epic returns


Aathi anthamillatha kaal vellathil

Ponniyin Selvan - on stage

Ponniyin Selvan Play

Ponniyin Selvan play - A labour of love

Ponniyin selvan on stage - Art at its best

Ponniyin Selvan on stage

Ponniyin Selvan stage show

Ponniyin Selvan - Kaalavelipayanam - Medai Nadagam

Kalki’s Ponniyin Selvan!

Puthu Vellam, Mani Magudam, Suzhalkattru, Kolai Vazhh and Thiyaga Sigaram on stage!

Kalki’s Ponniyin Selvan takes its readers into the heart of the mighty Chola kingdom and into the intrigues and passions that define them. We follow the young, brave Vandiyathevan as he becomes spy, soldier, lover and friend of the powerful men and women in the chola empire. He stands by the doomed prince Karikalan, ventures across the seas to meet Arulmozhi Varman (alias Ponniyin Selvan) and captures the heart of Princess Kundhavai.

Into the 5 volumes dash vivacious characters like the boatwoman Punguzhali, the gentle Kodumbalur princess Vanathi and the eternal victim, nee victimizer, Nandini. The plotters, Pazhuvettarayar brothers and the devious manthravadi with his abuthuthavis keep readers on razor’s edge.

Magic Lantern brings to this production an energy born out of hours of physical and movement training. Our actors train in the demanding Parkour form and in martial arts like silambam. The thevarams have been explored to the fullest to give this production a voice and movement that is Magic Lnatern’s own.

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  • “What I liked most was the discipline. The way every actor did what he or she must do, coordinating with each other was breathtaking.” Padma Shri awardee, eminent educationist Mrs. Y G Parthsarathy

    “I feel sad that my father (the artist Maniam) and Kalki himself are not here to witness this ‘dream come true’ evening.” Maniam Selvan

    “This play has it all, romance, comedy and action. I enjoyed it.” Director Shankar

    “The sets, the light, the dialogue, the direction and the music took us to another era, I wondered why the 31/2 hours had to end!” Carnatic singer Nithyashree Mahadevan

    “Hazrathe in Urdu means aspiring for something that we know will not happen…in 31/2 hours they showed us that it can, happen. It was wonderful to see people leave with their hearts filled with content. It’s a movement and a revolution.” Singer, O S Arun

    “It was like a broadway show.” Mandolin Srinivasan

    “I didn’t know how these 41/2 hours went. Every nuances of theatre has been brought out here.” Tamil scholar Solomon Papiah

    “I have gone on stage 5900 times, and yet I saw this play with wonder and amazement” S Ve Sekhar

    “Only highly committed and passionate people can do this” Padma Shri awardee and carnatic singer Aruna Sairam

    “This is an absolutely phenomenal, international, world class production.” Anil Srinivasan, pianist

    “I feel proud to be Tamilian today” Carnatic Singer, Sikkil Gurucharan

    “The audience had 5 year old children and 75 year old grandfathers. It’s a huge effort to take Tamil to the next generation. If Kalki had been alive he would have been overwhelmed.” Pattimanram Raja

    “For over 6 months, over 50 people have strained their sinews for a few lines of appreciation. Just watch them.” Writer/Director Viji

    “The actors transformed themselves into the characters and made us live through them” Carnatic singer Sowmya.

    “The first word is fantastic and so is the second and third!” Director Dharani

    “In these times when making people sit through a 21/2 hour film is tough, I saw a full crowd spell bound and transfixed for nearly 4 hours. The people of Tamil Nadu will be happy to thank them.” MP Thiru Tiruchi Siva

    ‘What I would like is SS International to put Ponniyin Selvan every year, for we need the next generation to understand the brilliance of historic fiction like this” Dancer Anita Ratnam

    Dashrath Patel: " If you don't make things for your own surprise, you become like a manufacturer, everyday making the same thing to sell."

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