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“The world is a complicated place, and there's a lot of division between people. The performing arts tend to unify people in a way nothing else does.” - David Rubenstein

Theatre lives in the stories it tells and the communities it fosters

From 1992, Magic Lantern has been telling stories across milieux, languages and forms; using strikingly original visual imagery and always with rigorous production values.
We have over 22 productions, workshops, collaborations with recognized international and national theatre groups, event co-ordination and outreach programmes for children.

A crucible of past, present and future

Ancient, deeply rooted forms like Theru Koothu, Thang Tha, Silambam, and Devarattam join hands with Parkour, contemporary dance and free form puppetry.
Media projections, lights, sound, music, sets, props, puppetry and costumes…our inter-media are not simply tools but participants in the performance narrative.
Team Magic Lantern is a dynamic grouping which can swell to up to 70 immediate stake holder participants. The group is chockfull of artists and technicians ranging from the richly experienced to the enthusiastic novice.
The core group comprises theatre pedagogues, traditional artists, contemporary movement artists, sound and light professionals, and actors established in the theatre and film world. Magic Lantern is committed to the cause of the India Theatre Forum and the collective, Basement 21.

The Learning Community

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